TM News February 2016

tmnews_vol22_no2_feb16_600x850The problem of poor governance

It is interesting to observe that world leaders are finally beginning to admit that the major problems we witness in the world, whether violence in the Middle East, the migrant crisis in Europe, economic challenges, climate change, etc., are all ultimately a result of poor governance on the national and international levels … buy this issue to read more

Proven solutions to terrorism and conflict

Tony Nader, MD, PhD, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, has delivered a powerful message of how real peace can be created, which has been shared widely over the past month. There are two versions available online – on The following is a transcript of the shorter, 4-minute summary … buy this issue to read more

Using meditation to create peace

This excellent 30-minute interview on Huffpost Live, a premier US online news channel, was aired on 16th December and features Dr John Hagelin, quantum physicist and president of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP), Bob Roth, Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, and Col Brian Rees, MD, a retired officer in the US Army, following the publishing in the New York Times of a full-page open letter by the GUSP to presidents Obama, Putin, Hollande and all world leaders advocating the use of group practice of Transcendental Meditation to reduce social stress and create the basis for peace … buy this issue to read more

Consciousness at work

A landmark development in quantifying and understanding the expressions of consciousness was announced at Guru Purnima in July by Dr Tony Nader, MD, PhD. Dr Nader unveiled the first edition of the International Journal of Mathematics and Consciousness, of which he is founder and editor-in-chief … buy this issue to read more

A life-changing experience

The TM-Sidhi programme UK course for 2015 reached a highly enjoyable finale in July and August with a two-week residential block to learn the Yogic Flying technique … buy this issue to read more

Maharishi AyurVeda: Winter & Spring immunity

The Ayurvedic theory of immunity is called Beej-bhumi, which literally translates as “seed and land”. The body is seen as the fertile land in which infections or harmful “bugs” can grow … buy this issue to read more

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