TM News August 2015

tmnews_vol22_no1_aug15_600x850Our place in a rapidly changing world

This issue of TM News, as always, is filled with good news of the transformation of time from an age dominated by ignorance and suffering to a time of more integration, harmony, and positivity – the Age of Enlightenment, or Heaven on Earth, in Maharishi’s words … buy this issue to read more

Full speed ahead on Peace Palace construction

Since construction began on Britain’s first Maharishi Peace Palace, in Rendlesham, Suffolk, on June 25th, work has progressed by leaps and bounds; foundations and access roads are complete, and the walls are now going up … buy this issue to read more

Total Knowledge at Inishraher and Fairfield

Over the past few months, Raja Peter has continued to present the Total Knowledge course, a thorough and systematic presentation of how consciousness emerges from the field of nothingness and how consciousness becomes matter, and yet all is Totality, Brahm … buy this issue to read more

Dr Norman Rosenthal speaks on Cosmic Consciousness

Over 100 people attended a talk by Dr Norman Rosenthal, one of America’s most respected psychiatrists and author of Transcendence, at Regent’s University on June 25th … buy this issue to read more

A very bright future

Dr Bevan Morris, President of Maharishi University of Management, USA, visited the UK and Ireland last summer for a lecture tour. This is the final part of our report on his talk at the Maharishi European Sidhaland in Skelmersdale, summarising the latest introductions of Maharishi’s programmes around the world … buy this issue to read more

The world is getting better

This article from the American news website echoes Dr Bevan Morris’s comments about a bright future for the world. On March 15th, their writer Dylan Matthews published a summary of positive trends, saying … buy this issue to read more

Reading, writing, required silence

How meditation is changing schools and students Quiet Time at Brooklyn Urban Garden School … buy this issue to read more

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