If we want people to behaviour in a way that prevent injuries and incidents. Would it be a good idea to actually explain what behaviours we want them to follow, rather than just do a “Got You” safety observation?

Time and effort spent identify the safe behaviours from the critical or key safe behaviours can reward a BBS program with a hugh opportunity to gain employee involvement and then employee engagement

Develop safe behaviour (SB) and Key safe behaviours (KSB) is relatively straight forward, the process starts with an analysis of all injury accidents in order to establish the root causes of the injuries, be ruthless and narrow this down to the top 10 or 12 and it does not matter if they only apply to specific task.

Ask the question: “What simple visible behaviour if followed would prevent the injury or incident?”

From this list you have your fundamental core KSB’s, but make sure you do a sense check and validate them with a test group of employees or involve them in the development.

Safe behaviours can be those general safe behaviours that apply across the factory, but again make sure the list short and that the behaviour is a ‘Visible Behaviour’

Safety observers now have something to work with, the BBS program has something defined, measurable and therefore manageable. The real trick is how to market and deploy the KSB into the day to day lives of the employees who choose to adopt a safe way of working and move from a dependant safety culture to a independent safety culture.