David DonkinDavid Donkin is the owner of “Donkin Safety” and has a wealth of experience in delivering a practical approach to safety, gained in his 20 years working for two of the world’s largest global manufacturing companies.

As a ‘Chartered Health and Safety Manager’ with a strong engineering background through working for 20 years as an engineer in heavy engineering and manufacturing.

David has had success in health and safety, working with the leadership teams at single and multiple sites, UK and European embedding safety management systems and is seen as a leading figure in delivering behavioural safety culture change programmes.

  • Behavioural safety-based programmes, having over 10 years’ experience and success
  • Embedded safety management systems such as incident investigation, risk assessment, safe systems of work, contractor control and permit systems
  • Developed and delivered training for 1st leaders, focusing on employee engagement and implemented ‘IOSH Managing and Working Safety’ for leadership teams.

David has a passion for delivering a practical approach to implementing safety and delivering 50% reduction in accidents within 18 months.

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